July 16, 2001
 PO Box 1180
EKM Community Health Centre

Wolfville, Nova Scotia B0P 1X0
Tel: 902-542-2057 
Fax: 902-542-3844

TO:    Supporters of Smoke-Free By-Law for Kings County
FROM:  Smoke-Free Places Committee for Kings County
     A new study by Health Canada "provides some of the most compelling
scientific evidence yet for a total ban on workplace smoking, including
restaurants and bars."  (The Canadian Press, July 13, 2001). This study
demonstrates how people who are routinely exposed to second-hand smoke can
triple their risk of lung cancer.

     We are looking for  help and support from stakeholders to help pass a
by-law which would create 100% smoke-free indoor public places in Kings
County.  At this time, the four councils, including the Towns of
Wolfville, Kentville & Berwick and the Municipality  of Kings are looking
at a draft by-law which would be passed at the same time in each community, to
create a level playing field.

     Councillors represent their constituents. So, in order for them to vote
YES to this by-law, which would be introduced to protect the health of
both clients and employees, our councillors need to hear from supporters,
especially those in the business and health communities.  Councillors read every letter and communication they receive, and these have a strong
influence in their decision-making.

     Your voice can have a significant impact in the direction Kings County
takes to protect the health of our communities.  We ask you to take a
few minutes to write, e-mail, fax or call your councillors, mayor or warden
as soon as possible.  Your contribution will make a difference. We thank
you in advance for your support in helping us all breathe easy in Kings County!

Town of Wolfville  
PO Box 1030 Wolfville
NS B0P 1X0 
Tel 542-5767 Fax 542-4789

Town of Kentville 
345 Main Street
Kentville, NS B4N 1K6
Tel 679-2500 Fax 679-2375 

Town of Berwick
PO Box 130Berwick,
NS B0P 1E0
Tel 538-8068 Fax 538-3724

Municipality of Kings 
PO Box 100
Kentville, NS B4N 3W3
Tel 690-6133 Fax 678-9279