Halifax Regional Municipality  Pesticide By-law
Application Requirements
special report March 2001

     Anyone applying to register a property under the HRM's new pesticide by-law should be aware that they need two physicians' signatures to verify their sensitivity.  The Nova Scotia Medical Society has written to the Mayor on behalf of the Society to express their concern over this process.  They believe that verification by one physician would suffice, especially considering that physician resources are so strained right now.  The Society has expressed the opinion that the time of the second physician could be better spent seeing patients.  The requirement for a second signature also adds undue hardship to the patient who may very well have difficulty accessing two physicians.  The Medical Society also questioned how this second service will be paid for and why physicians as a whole were not consulted on the process.
     Contact the mayor or your city councillor and let them know your opinion re: this issue.  Let the Medical Society of NS know if you appreciate their efforts in this matter.