This message has been forwarded to NSAEHA by Smoke-Free Nova Scotia.
Your support would be greatly appreciated, either by attending council on Nov. 19th, or by sending an email/fax/phone call/letter to council members.


The date for the public hearing on the repeal of by-law S200 has been set as Nov. 19th , 6:00 pm at council chambers.

This has not yet been approved by council but is unlikely to change.  There has also not been additional dates set but I have asked if this can be done.

Anyway, this gives us a date to work towards and to communicate to the many, many groups and organizations that all of you are in touch with. 

Our aim is to have as many individuals and organizations as possible appear at the public hearing and simply say that council needs to keep By-law S200 and strengthen it to make all indoor public places 100% smoke-free.  This same message needs to be going to council members through e-mail/fax/phone/letter over the next few weeks!

Thank you for all you hard work on ths issue.  We have a real opportunity to get a full by-law if we can generate a large volume of community support!

Robert Strang  MD, MHSc., FRCPC
Medical Officer of Health
Unit 4, 201 Brownlow Ave.
Dartmouth, NS
B3B 1W2
phone: 902-481-5871
fax: 902-481-5803

Names and E-mail Addresses of Councillors 
Brad Johns

Brian Warshick 

Bruce Hetherington 

Condo Sarto 

Dawn Sloane 

Diana Whalen 

Gary Hines 

Gary Meade 

Harry McInroy 

Jerry Blumenthal 

Jim Smith

John Cunningham 

Keith Colwell 

Len Goucher 

Linda Mosher 

Peter Kelly 

Reginald Rankin

Robert P. Harvey 

Ron Cooper 

Russell Walker 

Sheila Fougere 

Stephan D. Adams 

Steve Streatch 

Sue Uteck