Presenting the EHANS team:
Managing Board members 2007-2008

UPdate Fall 2007

These are the faces behind the scenes, working hard to raise awareness about environmental health and chemical sensitivity. L to R: seated Barb Harris, Sheila Cole, Colina Keefe, standing Sandra Murphy, Alison Petten, Suzanne LeBlanc, Eric Slone and Karen Robinson.

Barb is responsible for producing this publication, UPdate, and our two websites, the Guide to Less Toxic Products, and our general information website, Sheila is EHANS’ representative in the Nova Scotia Environmental Network and the Canadian Environmental Network. She attends many national consultations on hazardous chemicals and how they should be controlled. Colina Keefe, a new board member, serves as Recording Secretary. Sandra Murphy, also a new board member, shares responsibility with Alison Petten for public education, including making presentations and making sure EHANS is present at a variety of health shows and public events. Alison also serves as Vice President. Suzanne LeBlanc manages our 1-800 line, and assists with UPdate. Eric Slone serves as EHANS President, and Karen Robinson chairs the Treatment Committee, co-ordinates the Elliott Scholarship program in Environmental Medicine, and works on healthy school issues.

In addition to the Managing Board EHANS is served by a wonderful group of volunteers who distribute UPdate, staff public information tables, assist with fundraising, and generally spread the word about environmental health issues. EHANS’ Advisory Board is an impressive collection of skilled professionals who provide expertise and back up.

The financial support of our members and friends our work possible.

EHANS is a team effort. Thanks to everyone.