Iíve been using the Guide
to Less Toxic Products a lotÖ

UPdate Fall 2008

We at EHANS love to hear that the Guide to Less Toxic Products is helping people to find practical ways to make their lives less toxic. Thousands of people consult www.lesstoxicguide every month. The letter below is a wonderful example of how the Guide to Less Toxic Products is making a difference.

Thank you so much for this excellent resource. I have been using it a lot since first becoming aware of the toxicity in products a few months after my baby was born.

The Baby Care section has been a lifesaver. I have set out an objective of changing a few things each month, from switching to cloth diapers and removing conventional cleaning products, to name a couple.
Your guide was instrumental in guiding me on how to do this and which option is best. This is especially helpful considering the large volume of information one has to sift through to find the most healthy products.
Your summaries of the dangers of toxic products are also very insightful and helped me to understand the problem in a nutshell. This is now the first source I go to when looking at changing something else on my list to remove toxicity from our lives.

I have also referred many friends to your site! I look forward to the new sections you are working on, especially the one on building materials.

I am interested in making a donation to your group. Do I get a receipt for income taxes and is there a way to do so without having to pay online?

Thanks and keep up the excellent work!!


Hi Nathalie,

Thanks so much for your email. It’s wonderful for us to hear about how you are using the Guide to Less Toxic Products to make changes in your life.

In response to your questions about donations, yes, you would receive a tax receipt for any donation over $10.00 as EHANS is a registered charity. You can make a donation by mail by making a cheque out to EHANS, and mailing it to Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia,
Box 31323, Halifax, NS B3K 5Y5.

Thanks in advance for your support. We are completely funded by supporters and members like you, who appreciate the work we do and want this work to continue.

Barb Harris
Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia

UPdate, Fall 2008, Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia