EHANS at World Urban Forum 4
UPdate Fall 2008

EHANS Board member Sheila Cole was off to China in November to attend the World Urban Forum 4 in Nanjing. Sheila, with colleagues from the Health Caucus of the Canadian Environmental Network (CEN), presented a session titled, A Culture of Sustainability – A multi-stakeholder Process.

The session highlighted positive examples from Nova Scotia where non-governmental, community-based groups such as EHANS, CASLE and RATE have been instrumental in promoting the environmental health of the city and its people.

The session will gather participants from academia, policy-makers, non-governmental groups and development institutions to discuss multi-stakeholder partnerships based on identifying resources and solutions to common obstacles

The session at WUF4 is a follow-up to participation in WUF3, where CEN hosted a Roundtable session, Strategic Eco-Innovation: Integrating Health and Environment into Sustainable Urban Practices.

The Canadian Environmental Network delegation will also host two meetings for other environmental non-governmental organizations attending WUF4. CEN’s process of multi-stakeholder consultation with diverse civil society groups is unique and is recognized internationally.

UPdate, Fall 2008, Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia