Teenager Makes Scientific Breakthrough
UPdate   Fall 1999

     An Etobicoke teenager has discovered and confirmed a bio-marker for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia (FM) and multiple chemical sensitivities/environmental illness (MCS/EI).  The discovery is a medical breakthrough.

     Dilnaz Panjwani, who began her research two years ago at the age of 16, has been awarded the prestigious Manning Award as well as second prize at the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair for her work.

     Panjwani discovered an abnormal metabolite that prevents oxygen from going from the bloodstream into cells.  This produces symptoms ranging from weakness and fatigue to muscle inflammation to brain fogginess to complete debilitation.
    Her research has already attracted wide interest.  The US Military has invited Panjwani to use her blood test in US military research.  The Women’s College Hospital, Toronto will enlarge the study and will research the causes of the abnormality.  Panjwani’s simple blood test is expected to serve both as a diagnostic tool, and also as a screening tool in the prevention of CFS-MCS-FM.

     The Environmental Illness Society of Canada (EISC) became aware of Panjwani’s initial study involving chronic fatigue sufferers.  It encouraged her to broaden her study to include persons with FM and MCS.  The further work had consistent results.  The EISC helped the teenager promote her research with the appropriate research, funding and political bodies.  It also supported her work through its medical research funding program.  EISC’s efforts also led to coverage of Panjwani’s work on CBC’s Health Show.


See EISC’s web site http://www.eisc.ca for details of the research.  The EISC supports and promotes medical research relating to CFS-FM-MCS.  Matching funding is received for all donations, and tax receipts for all donations, and tax receipts for donations are available.  Contact the EISC at (613) 728-9493 or 536 Dovercourt Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K2A 0T9.