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~~ Healthy Schools ~~

Healthy school group honoured, UPdate Summer 2006

Head lice: the key is in the comb, spring 2006
What’s wrong with chemical based lice shampoos, spring 2006
Lice Dos and Don'ts, spring 2006

Healthy School Opens in Halifax, Website special article, winter 2003
Healthy School Construction, Website special article, winter 2003
Moving Towards Healthier New Schools - The Halifax West Experience, Website special article, winter 2003

Is School Making My Child Sick?, UPdate Fall 2002
Life in an ECO Classroom, by Avis DeGaust, UPdate Summer 2002

Halifax West: Lessons from a Sick School, UPdate winter 2001
Safe Haven for Sensitive Students, by Avis Degaust, UPdate winter 2001

Schools - The Perils of Permanent Marking Pens, by Linda Cuddy, UPdate winter 1994
Schools & Environmental Sensitivities in the Classroom: How Teachers Can Help, UPdate summer 1994