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Indoor Air Quality

Smoke-free Rental Units Coming Soon? (fall 2008)
Unlabeled toxic chemicals in common household products (fall 2008)
Change your laundry habits…Chemical fabric softeners and your health (fall 2008)
Radon: Invisible health threat in the home (fall 2008)
Three Winter Tips for a Healthy Home (fall 2008)
Scent-free buildings earn Green LEED Credits (fall 2008)

An energy efficient home can be a healthy home: Save heat the right way (fall 2007)
Mold and Mood: Study connects mold and depression (fall 2007)
Polluting printers contaminate office air (fall 2007)
The hidden health risks of air fresheners(fall 2007)

Get Rid of Fabric Softeners (fall 2007)

Cleaning with microfiber is easy, effective, less toxic (summer 2007)

Great chefs don't need Teflon - neither do you (spring 2007)

Mothballs, air fresheners and cancer (spring 2007)
Naturally scented cleaners have unexpected risks (spring 2007)

Healthy homes are possible (summer 2006)
Choose healthier paint (summer 2006)
Healthy painting practices (summer 2006)
Beware of the new car smell (summer 2006)

Healthy School Opens in Halifax  (winter 2003)
Healthy School Construction  (winter 2003)
Fifty Steps Towards Healthier New Schools - The Halifax West Experience  (winter 2003)

Fresh or Foul?  Air Fresheners in Public Spaces UPdate Fall 2002
Is School Making My Child Sick? UPdate Fall 2002

Indoor Air Regulations Not Good Enough UPdate Fall 2001
Empty Your Compost!
Home Planning for Health - a Good Investment  UPdate Fall 2001
Health Hazards of Natural Gas UPdate Summer 2001
Groups Recommend Smoke Free Work Law UPdate Summer 2001
Vermont Law Protects School Air Quality UPdate Summer 2001
Halifax West: Lessons from a Sick School UPdate Winter 2001
Safe Haven for Sensitive Students by Avis Degaust UPdate Winter 2001

The Bedroom and Environmental Illness UPdate Winter 2000

Indoor Air Quality Regulations Stalled by Ian Johnson UPdate Fall 1999
Toxic Cleaners ALERT Fall 1999
The Sleeping Giant & Other Schools UPdate Fall 1999
Environment Canada's Solution to Toxic Office Air UPdate Fall 1999

Surviving Illness from Home Renovations UPdate Winter 1997

A House Built - A Life Saved UPdate Spring 1997

School Phobia or Environmental Sensitivities? UPdate Spring 1996
Heating Systems - Features to Look For UPdate Spring 1996
Ozone Generators - Are They For You? UPdate Summer 1996

Is Your Home Healthy? UPdate Fall 1995
Humidifiers - Friend or Foe? by Robin and Audrey Barrett UPdate Fall 1995
Elements of a Healthy House by David Cheyne UPdate Fall 1995
New IAQ Regulations Being Drafted by Robin & Audrey Barrett UPdate Summer 1995
Submission for Discussion Paper on Indoor Air Quality  UPdate Winter 1994-1995
Schools The Perils of Permanent Marking Pens UPdate Winter 1994-1995
Crisis in the Office - Indoor Air and Illness UPdate Winter 1994-1995

EPA Employees Win Verdict Against Building Owner UPdate Summer 1994

Mould and Moisture in Your Home UPdate Spring 1994

Considerations for Safer Construction and Renovation AEHA Newsletter Winter/Spring 1993 - 1994

The Architecture of Illness - Millions of Workers are "Sick of Work" UPdate Fall 1993