Search for Environmental Causes of Illness
By Robin Barrett
AEHA Newsletter June 1992

Having trouble with doctors wanting do a psychiatric workup on you before they consider environmental causes?

We have a copy of a letter from the National Minister of Health and Welfare stating that “…the search for environmental causes in a patient should precede psychiatric workup…”

We also have a copy of the Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence of the Standing Committee on Human Rights and the Status of Disabled Persons, chaired by Bruce Halliday (House of Commons Issue no. 23, Thursday, May 10, 1990).  This states that “We will investigate complaints from any person who believes that he has been discriminated against because of suffering from environmental sensitivities … We think it is very clear that it is an illness; it is a problem.  It is not illusory.  I think we all have a duty to try to help people understand what is involved and to do something about it.  Our commission is pleased to take complaints if we get them.”  I unfortunately do not know if this commission is still standing, but it does state the policy with respect to human rights.