First International Environmental Illness Conference

            May 18 - 19, 2001   Ottawa - Canada

Ottawa- The Environmental Illness Society of Canada and the Faculty of  Environmental Design of the University of Calgary have partnered to deliver a conference on Environmental Illness to be held in Ottawa this coming May 18-19. 

The conference, the first of its kind, will examine Environmental Illness from the perspective of the Medical Management of the EI patient and; from the perspective of EI as a Disability, specifically how to meet patients needs for accommodation, including healthy environments and vocational retraining. 

Environmental Illness includes Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM), Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) primarily as well as the related illnesses of asthma, cancer, porphyria and allergy.

         Date:  May 18-19, 2001

         Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Book before April 16 to ensure a non-smoking room

         Registration Fee:  $175 Early Bird or, $195 after April 16, 2001

         Speakers:  Dr. Gerald Ross, Professor Tang Lee, Dr. Karen Schad, Dr. Gunnar Heuser, Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Professor Nicholas Ashford, Dr. Lynn Marshall, Dr. Riina Bray, Professor Garth Nicolson, Claudia McKeen, Phm., Jay Kassirer, MBA, Dr. Theodore Simon

Optional, pre-conference 'EI' Homelessness Celebrity Fundraising Dinner: May 17,   Crowne Plaza  Hotel (tickets sold separately)
Contact: Judith Spence, C.E.O.  EISC phone  (613) 729-8821, (613) 728-9493;            Toll Free:1-877-313-EISC
or write 536 Dovercourt Avenue Ottawa, ON, Canada  K2A 0T9 
or email: