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EHANS Notes and News 
UPdate spring 2005

2005 EHANS Physician Scholarship Program
EHANS invites Nova Scotian physicians to experience the positive difference an understanding and application of environmental medicine can make to your practice.

Applications are now being accepted for the Dr. E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition, travel and expenses for a five-day CME accredited training course in environmental medicine. The course is run by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), and will take place April 13-18, 2005. Deadline for  applications is February 20, 2004.

Since 2002, the Dr. E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Scholarship has assisted six Nova Scotian physicians to attend American Academy of Environmental Medicine courses.  Past recipients are very enthusiastic about the new skills that they acquired and are now using in their practices. Past recipients are willing to answer questions about the programs. EHANS  can put you in touch with them upon request. 

This scholarship has been established by the Environmental Health association of Nova Scotia (previously Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association) and is made possible through generous support from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Air Canada, the Dr. E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Fund,  Vision 2000 Travel Group Atlantic and private donors.  For additional information contact 902-457-3002.

Book and Video Donation
EHANS has donated eight copies of When Smoke Ran Like Water, by Dr. Devra Davis to public and university libraries in Nova Scotia and PEI.  Nominated for a national book award in 2002, Davis’s book covers the science and the politics involved in many areas where environmental exposures effect health, including breast cancer, male sterility, air pollution, and climate change. The donations were made  in memory of Dr. Bruce Elliott, a GP with a special interest in environmental medicine. When Smoke Ran Like Water was reviewed in UPdate Summer 2004. The review is available on  the EHANS website at

EHANS has also donated a copy of the video Gulf War Syndrome and Your Shampoo featuring Dr. Claudia Miller to the Halifax Region Public Library. To order a copy of this video, see below. 

New Name, Same Goals
We’ve changed our name to the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia, EHANS. We were formerly the Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association, NSAEHA.  EHANS still has the same goals and objectives, working to help people with chemical sensitivities and developing awareness so that others don’t develop this illness or other environmentally related illnesses. 

EHANS managing board members for 2004-5 are Eric Slone, President; Patricia Phelan, Treasurer; Agnes Malouf, Membership; Karen Robinson, Treatment and Healthy Schools; Barb Harris, UPdate, website; Donna Mitchell and Karen Morton, Communications;Liz Campbell-Delaney and Ina Trider, Members at Large; Sheila Cole, CEN liaison; and Maureen Reynolds, RATE liaison. 

Gulf War Syndrome and Your Shampoo
EHANS now has available for sale a video of a lecture by Dr. Claudia Miller titled Gulf War  Syndrome and Your Shampoo. Miller is co-author of Chemical Exposures, Low Levels and High Stakes, and a leading researcher on issues of chemical sensitivity. The video examines Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT), a theory developed by Miller and co-researcher Nicholas Ashford which explains the dynamics of chemical intolerances. It also looks at the common symptoms of chemical sensitivities in various groups of people. An excellent explanation of chemical sensitivity by one of the world’s experts on the subject.  The video is available at cost from EHANS for $20.00 including postage and handling. You can order a copy from EHANS, PO Box 31323, Halifax, NS, B3K 5Y5. Make cheques payable to EHANS.

EHANS Was There
EHANS volunteers spoke with many people interested in less toxic products, healthier homes, surviving with chemical sensitivities and other issues at the Holistic Health Show in Halifax and the Balanced Living Show in Amherst. Thanks to Cindy Manderson of Holistic Health Communications for making it possible for us to have a booth at the Halifax show.