Allergic Gourmet Finds Great Cookbook
UPdate Summer 2002

Creative Choices: Adaptable Ideas for the Allergy Diet, by Grace Brubacher,
Alma Gingrich, Martha Lichty and Eva Weber

Any cookbook with a recipe for a wheat-free, sugar-free steamed Christmas pudding that tastes great, not to mention twenty three alternatives to a cup of wheat flour, ten egg substitutes and three recipes for dairy-free infant formula is a must have.  

Creative Choices: Adaptable Ideas for the Allergy Diet should become the Joy of Cooking of the allergy set.

One of the problems with many allergy cookbooks is that they eliminate one or several foods, and assume you can eat all the rest.  For people with multiple food allergies, this can be very frustrating.  Creative Choices works on the assumption that you may be allergic to any number of foods. Its section on food substitutions is extensive. By following the substitution suggestions you should be able to successfully modify some favourite recipes into ones you can eat again.  They may not taste like the originals, but they will taste good.

If someone in your family likes their baked goods, Creative Choices has a wealth of cookies, muffins and pies to choose from.  There are also main meal foods including soups, salads, casseroles and sandwich spreads.  This is a plain foods cookbook.  Most of the recipes are made of ordinary ingredients prepared with food allergies in mind.  There are over 1,000 recipes to choose from, and a very usable, well organized index.  A section on "Stocking Your Pantry" describes numbers of foods which may be unfamiliar, and how they are used.

Creative Choices is the self-published, self-marketed creation of four Ontario Mennonite homemakers who found themselves and their families trying to cope with multiple food allergies. From an informal recipe exchange the project grew into a cookbook to help others with similar eating challenges.

Creative Choices is available for $20.50 plus postage from:
Mrs. Grace Brubacher, RR #1, Ariss, Ontario, N0B 1B0 
phone: 519-846-9217. 
Bulk rates are available for 6 or more copies.