Guide to Less Toxic Products 
UPdate Summer 2002

Editor's Note:  The Guide to Less Toxic Products 
is now online at

Tell us what you know about less toxic products, and we'll spread the word.

NSAEHA has received a grant from the Community Development Fund of the Halifax Peninsula Community Health Board to revise our Guide to Less Toxic Products and put it on line. The Guide includes sections on a wide variety of personal care products and household cleaning products, and may be expanded to include lawn care products, school supplies and possibly pest control, computers and institutional cleaning products. No products in the guide will include synthetic scents, but some less toxic products with mild natural scents may be included. If you would like to recommend a product for inclusion, please let us know the product name, manufacturer and type of product. Less toxic "how to" tips are also welcome. Include your name and how we can contact you (phone or email) in case we have any questions. 

You can also let us know what types of less toxic products you would like information about, or warn of of products which are promoted as "less toxic" which have created health problems for users.

The Guide will include products for healthy people who want to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals, as well as products suitable for people with
environmental sensitivities.

Send your suggestions via e-mail or phone1-800-449-1995. 

The NSAEHA Guide to Less Toxic Products, First Edition, is still available and is now on sale for $6.00.  To order, phone 1-800-499-1995 or write to NSAEHA at P O Box 31323,  Halifax NS  B3K 5Y5, or e-mail us. 

The NSAEHA Guide to Less Toxic Products, First Edition
This 134  page booklet lists products from detergents and skin care products to cleaning agents for your car and bug protection which are scent free and low in harmful chemical compounds.  It also includes helpful hints on dust mite control, food preparation and storage and other activities to help live a healthier life.  Available from NSAEHA for $6.00 including postage or from most health food stores in Nova Scotia.