Loblaws Eliminates 
Chemical Pesticides !!

You won't be able to find chemical pesticides on the shelves of Loblaws' 440 garden centres next summer.  Loblaws' chain, which includes the Atlantic Superstores, has announced it will be chemical pesticide free by 2003.  

The decision is a "response to overwhelming consumer demand to eliminate the cosmetic use of pesticides in home gardens" said Geoff Wilson, Loblaws vice-president of Industry and Investor Relations. Loblaws will replace chemical weed and insect killers with organic pest control products.

"For cosmetic use, in lawns and gardens where you've got dogs and children running around, when there is a growing abundance of alternative products, this initiative makes so much sense," said Wilson. This summer, half of Loblaws' lawn and garden products will be organic, and their garden centres will provide handouts for  consumers on how to reduce dependency on chemical pesticides and still have attractive lawns and gardens.