Living Well with a Hidden Disability: 
Transcending Doubt and Shame and Reclaiming your Life, by Stacy Taylor MSW,LCSW 
with Robert Epstein Ph.D.
UPdate Winter 2001


     There aren't a lot of books about living with a hidden disability.  This is a good one.  It's easy to read, and better yet, doesn't add another job to your list.  Rather, its approach is to help you figure out easier  ways to handle all the things you already have to deal with.  Taylor looks at practical problems like work, finances and navigating the medical system, as well as emotional, spiritual and relationship issues.  Her philosophy, drawn from her own experience, is that even without a cure, there are things you can change in how you live and interact with others that can make living better.  Her approach is general enough to cover many types of hidden disabilities, and applies well to people living with MCS and CFS.  A good book also for therapists and loved ones.