2003 Dr E Bruce Elliott Memorial Scholarship

To NSAEHA Members and Friends:

The Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association (NSAEHA) is
pleased to announce the 2003 Dr E Bruce Elliott Memorial Scholarship to send at least one more Nova Scotian physician to the USA to advance their skills in Environmental Medicine.  Last year we were able to send three doctors for training. Their new skills and their enthusiasm for what they learned is really making a difference!   Your support is needed for continuing success!

The scholarship program was developed to address the serious lack of doctors trained in environmental medicine practicing in Nova Scotia.  The problem became especially severe after the death of Dr. Bruce Elliott in 1999, so the scholarship was created in Dr. Elliott's name.  

Deadline for applications for this year is February 24, 2003.  Application forms and further information follow.  

Donations for the NSAEHA Elliott Memorial Scholarship Fund can be sent to:

P.O Box 31323   
Halifax, NS, B3K 5Y5.  
Be sure to write on the cheque that it is intended for the scholarship fund. Tax receipts will be issued.

The Dr. E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Scholarship

Five-day training course in Environmental Medicine, April 3 - 7, 2003, Plano, Texas. 
Deadline for physician applications, February 24, 2003.

We invite Nova Scotian physicians to experience the positive difference that an understanding and application of Environmental Medicine can make to your practice.
In 2002, the Dr. E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Scholarship sent three Nova Scotian physicians to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine's (AAEM) course in Environmental Medicine.   The recipients returned very enthusiastic about the new skills that they are now using to treat their patients.  The recipients are willing to answer questions about the programs, and we can put you in touch with them upon request. (call 902- 457-3002)

This scholarship has been established by the Nova Scotia Allergy & Environmental Health Association (NSAEHA) and is made possible through generous support from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the Dr. E. Bruce Elliott Memorial Fund, Air Canada, Vision 2000 Travel Group Atlantic, AEGIS mold inhibiting products, the Camerata Singers and private donors.

The successful applicant will receive:

- Tuition paid to the AAEM's 5-day Instructional Course. Specifically, the course from April 3
to 7, 2003. 

- Travel and accommodation for the course;

- Continuing Medical Education credits;

- Instruction by leading physicians and researchers in the field of Environmental Medicine;

- Information that may help you unlock the puzzle of your environmentally sensitive patients.

- The value of the scholarship is roughly $4000.00.

Here's how to apply:
Fill in the attached application form and send it to:
P.O Box 31323 
Halifax, NS, B3K 5Y5 
or email info@environmentalhealth.ca, subject line Scholarship, by February 24, 03. 
Or email the completed application to am077@chebucto.ns.ca

Please include your CV if one is available.  You may be contacted for a brief telephone interview.  Co-applicants who wish to share the scholarship may also apply.  The successful applicant will be notified by March 15, 2003  The successful candidate will be chosen by a panel made up of Environmental Medicine physicians and NSAEHA representatives, who will review applications, conduct phone interviews if warranted and make the selection based on the following criteria:  

-The successful applicant should be a physician licensed to practice in Nova Scotia or planning to practice in Nova Scotia.

-Special consideration will be given to physicians who have experienced the need for this
knowledge in their practice.

The NSAEHA will need the Social Insurance Number of the successful applicant.  All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

click here for application form

For more information on the courses visit the AAEM website www.aaem.com/
or fax (316)684-5709 or phone (316)684-5500

For more information on the scholarship contact NSAEHA at 902-457-3002
or email info@environmentalhealth.ca .