AEHA Quarterly, Winter 94-Spring 95

Q.  My sister-in-law is trying to tell me that I have a food sensitivity to eggs.  I don’t understand this because when I have a migraine and eat eggs, I get some relief.
S.C., Toronto

A.  You need to think like a detective when you try to uncover chemical susceptibilities and food sensitivities.  It may be that initially you reacted to eggs in a very obvious way - perhaps with irritability or a skin rash.  When you continued to eat eggs daily, your reactions continued but became less obvious and more chronic, e.g. migraines, arthritis.  In short, your reactions became “masked”.

Eventually you can get to the stage when the only time you feel relief from migraine is after you have eaten eggs.  If you then continue to eat them, you will begin to crave them as an alcoholic craves a drink.  You will then have become addicted to a substance which is harming you.

You can check this out by not eating any foods with eggs in it for a week.  (It can take up to 4 days to clear the food from the body including the gastrointestinal tract and other parts of the food absorption system.)  Then try eating an egg and see what your reaction is.  This will tell you how seriously eggs are affecting your body.
B.A., (Toronto)