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UPdate Spring 2007
Mothballs, air fresheners and cancer

UPdate Spring 2006
Pollution in the womb
Pesticides destroy frog immunity, fertility

UPdate Winter 2005
Why Healthy People Get Cancer: Centre Examines Environmental Suspects

UPdate Spring 2003
Plastic Linked to Birth Defects
"Chemical Exposures: Low Levels, High Stakes" - a Book Review by Agnes Malouf
Gulf War Illnesses Not Caused by Stress
Pesticides Disrupt Brain Development and Reproduction - excerpts from Dr. Margaret Sanborn
Choosing the Right Sun Protection, by Sharon Labchuk

May 2000
Research Review by Dr. Gerald Ross

UPdate Fall 1999
Teenager Makes Scientific Breakthrough

January 1998
Report on Environmental Hypersensitivity, by Dr. Patricia Beresford, BA, MD

UPdate Summer 1995
The Hazards of Cosmetics, by Carol Barczak

UPdate Winter 1990
Healthy Environments for Canadians - Making the Vision a Reality, by Bruce Small