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Invisible Illnesses Need to be Counted, UPdate Fall 2008

EHANS to research building materials for the chemically sensitive, UPdate Fall 2007

Accommodating the environmentally sensitive protects everyone, UPdate Summer 2007

Medically unexplained illnesses: study reveals impacts of illnesses, UPdate Summer 2007

Successful treatment for environmental illnesses requires holistic approach, UPdate Summer 2007

Living with Blindness and Chemical Sensitivity: Two disabilities with different challenges, UPdate Spring 2007

Two Thumbs Way UP for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide, UPdate Spring 2007

Developing a Definition for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, UPdate Spring 2007

Finding a safer home away from home, UPdate Summer 2006

Book review: Environmentally Induced Illnesses: Ethics, Risk Assessment and Human Rights, UPdate Spring 2006

Book review: Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Narratives of Coping, UPdate Spring 2006

Reader Comment: People with MCS denied public access, UPdate Spring 2006

Chemical Sensitivity in Japan, UPdate Spring 2005

Gulf War Syndrome Caused by Chemical Exposures, UPdate Winter 2005

Accomodating Employees with Environmental Sensitivities  (pdf files) Website Special Articles, November 2003
  A Guide for Building Managers
  A Guide for the Workplace
  Employee Awareness Kit

"Chemical Exposures: Low Levels, High Stakes" - a Book Review by Agnes Malouf, UPdate Spring 2003
Gulf War Illnesses Not Caused by Stress, UPdate Spring 2003
Anaesthetics for the Chemically Sensitive, Website Special March, 2003

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - a 1999 Consensus, Website Special Article posted Winter 2003
The Great Debate - Defining MCS,Website Special Article, Winter 2003

Sunnyhill: The Health Story of the 80"s, by Bruce and Barbara Small, Website Special Article, Summer 2002
Michigan Governor Declares MCS Awareness Week, Website Special Article, May  2002

Access Includes Environmental Disabilities, UPdate Fall 2001
Environmental Health Centre Review - "Centre Needed but Lots of Problems", UPdate Summer 2001
EISC Holds Nowhere to Hide from Pollution Conference, UPdate Winter 2001
Video Review: MCS: How Chemical Exposures May Be Affecting Your Health, UPdate Winter 2001
Book Review: Allergic to the 20th Century, by Peter Radetsky, UPdate Winter 2001

Correcting Misunderstandings About EI, by Dr. Gerald Ross, Website Special May 2000
20th Century Disease Enters the New Millenium, UPdate Winter 2000
No Wonder I'm Sick, UPdate Winter 2000

A Look at Treatment Options, UPdate Spring 1999

Report on Environmental Hypersensitivity, by Dr. P. Beresford, January 1998

An EMF Story: Tale of A Former Computer Programmer, UPdate Winter 1997
Surviving Illness From Home Renovations, UPdate Winter 1997
A Primer on Electromagnetic Sensitivity, UPdate Winter 1997
Porphyria - Another Connection with MCS, UPdate Winter 1997

A House Built, A Life Saved, UPdate Spring 1997
Pesticides or Us, UPdate Spring 1997

Tips on Dealing with MCS - a survey, UPdate Fall 1996
Dental Mercury Exposure:  Dietary Issues, UPdate Fall 1996

Book Review: Free To Fly, by Judit Rajhathy, UPdate Spring 1996

Environmental Sensitivities: A Family Illness, by Keith Conrod, UPdate Spring 1995

From Where I Sit, by Helen Lofgren, UPdate Winter 1994-1995
Wood Preservatives Cause Hypersensitivity in Germany, UPdate Winter 1994-1995
N.S. Environmental Medicine Clinic: How It Came To Be, To The Present Day, UPdate Fall1994
Waiting for Treatment?, by David and Anne Cheyne, UPdate Fall 1994
Tributes and Testimonials, UPdate Fall 1994
Services Provided by the NS Environmental Medicine Clinic, by Dr. G. Ross, UPdate Fall 1994

Medical Update, by Dr. Sherry Rogers, NSAEHA Newsletter, Winter/Spring 1993- 1994
Identifying Allergy Triggers, by Cecli O'Grady, NSAEHA Newsletter, Winter/Spring 1993-1994

Search for Environmental Causes of Illness, by Robin Barrett, NSAEHA Newsletter June 1992

Disabled, Unemployed, On Welfare: It Can Happen to Anyone, by Lynn Thompson, AEHA Quarterly Fall 1991

Discovering My Immune System, by Liz Houghtling, AEHA Quarterly Fall 1990