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~~ Heavy Metals ~~

Cancer, genetic defects are uranium’s legacy An interview with Dr. David Maxwell, UPdate Fall 2008
Greenwashing Uranium: Nuclear energy is not green energy, UPdate Fall 2008
Nine Facts You Need to Know about Uranium Mining, UPdate Fall 2008
Leave uranium in the ground: Citizens want complete ban, UPdate Fall 2008

Don't Play With CCA: Treated Wood Still on the Market, Website Special Article, June 2003

On the Beach, Website Special Article, June 2003

Lumber Exposes Prompt Phaseout, by Rebecca Watson, UPdate Summer 2002
Arsenic Treated Wood Precautions, UPdate Summer 2002
Arsenic: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment, UPdate Summer 2002

Do you really want to use pressure treated wood?, by Andrea Johnson , UPdate Spring/Summer 2000