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~~ Political Issues ~~

Toxic Ignorance

Cancer, genetic defects are uranium’s legacy An interview with Dr. David Maxwell, UPdate Fall 2008

Leave uranium in the ground: Citizens want complete ban, UPdate Fall 2008

Protect NS citizens from pesticides now, coalition says, UPdate Fall 2008

Ontario Right to Know Act would reveal cancer-causing chemicals, pollutants

Fire retardant protection “outrageously weak”

Why 54 of 55 municipalities in NS can’t have a pesticide bylaw

Sound Science Just an Excuse

4000 Toxic Chemicals and No Plan of Action

Feds refuse pesticide moratorium

Europe leads world in chemical safety

Putting environmental health on the political agenda

Complementary medicine docs gain protection

Reader Comment: People with MCS denied public access

The Precautionary Principle as a Practical Guide

Canada's Smart Regulations not So Smart

Book Review: When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle Against Pollution, by Devra Davis, UPdate Spring 2004

Workplace Exposures Cause Nurses' Illnesses, UPdate Spring 2003
Gulf War Illnesses Not Caused by Stress, UPdate Spring 2003
Environmental Illness, West Nile Virus and Human Rights, Website Special Spring 2003

The Pesticide Wars: The Troubling Story of Dr. Omar Shafey, Website Special Article, November 2001
Pesticide Regulations Sprouting Like Weeds, Website Special Article, December 2001
Right To Live Free From Toxic Chemicals, UPdate Fall 2001
Access Includes Environmental Disabilities, UPdate Fall 2001
Groups Recommend Smoke Free Work Law, UPdate Summer 2001
StatsCan and Environmental Illness, July 2001
Most ex-Camp Hill Employees Winning Workers' Comp Appeals, UPdate Winter 2001
Feds Fumble Pesticide Progress, UPdate Winter 2001

Petition Sends Strong Message to MLA's, UPdate Spring/Summer 2000
The Canadian Human Rights Commission - a Misnomer?, by C. Hutchinson, UPdate Winter 2000

Parliament to Study environmental Illness, UPdate Fall 1999

Right to Access forThose With MCS, UPdate Winter 1994 - Spring 1995

Search for Environmental Causes of Illness, by Robin Barrett, NSAEHA Newsletter, June 1992

Healthy Environments for Canadians - Making the Vision a Reality, by Bruce Small, UPdate Winter 1990